Costa Nova



It is one of the great Portuguese beaches for water sports, as in addition to the Atlantic front also features a riverfront for Mira Canal of Ria de Aveiro. In addition to one of the oldest clubs of sailing the Ria de Aveiro - the New Coast Sailing Club, there are still located kiteboarding schools, canoeing and surfing, among other sports modes. The beach is also crossed by a modern bike path that connects the other two beaches. One of the most frequent activities is the mini-golf, via the club settled here for several decades. It also has several sports venues Outdoor: tennis and football. Gastronomically, the "tripe", one of the most famous local sweets, emerged in Costa Nova. In Fish Market here is is also possible to buy seafood, especially the end-of-week. Every year in August, takes place the Ria Taste - Seafood Festival Costa Nova. Here there are many good restaurants specializing in cod, fresh fish - grilled or in stews and even seafood from the Ria de Aveiro. The ex-libris of this beach are the "haystacks" - houses with vertical or horizontal stripes interspersed, old warehouses of fishing materials, or salting warehouses sardine, currently converted into bathing homes.


Praia da Barra


The Beach Bar is located on the west coast of Portugal, in the district of Aveiro, and where the Ria de Aveiro is connected to the sea. The built heritage existing, stands the Farol da Barra, the Bridge Bar and the wall. This wall delineates the southern entrance of the port of Aveiro bar, and is about 500 m long, entering the sea. The lighthouse of Aveiro or Lighthouse Bar is the largest lighthouse in Portugal. It was at the time of its construction, the world's sixth largest in stone masonry, continuing to be currently the second largest in the Iberian Peninsula and it is included in the 26 largest in the world. It was built in the nineteenth century, more specifically between the years 1885 and 1893 has undergone major repairs in 1929.




A beach that besides a great option to go to baths, also shows us the most traditional of fishing gear. An extensive beach protected by rocky areas which hinder the sliding sand. The Praia da Vagueira enables holidaymakers to the beach access by wooden walkways, among other infrastructure that meet the most demanding needs. With a fantastic surrounding vegetation and dune landscape, Vagueira proudly shows small houses of fishermen who bring us the freshest fish.